Friday, April 20, 2018

Human Garbage Disposal

I was after the Sulfuric Cautery/Suppression split for longer than I wanted to be. Every day that I didn't have this tape in my hands I died a little more inside. It's hard for an east coast boy like me to find releases from bands like this in the wild. I haven't been able to find any of the recordings on the internet too which made my interest in it all the more extreme. Now I finally have it, I was able to pick it up when I saw Suppression in Detroit, and it's a thing of beauty. 

Sulfuric Cautery are probably underground grindcore's most beloved band right now, and for good reason. They really do take speed and brutality to a whole other level. Some of the craziest shit I've heard in years. I think their side is one of the first that had Trashy from Pizza Hi Five in the line-up. It's fucking great, obviously; noisy, brutal, the perfect fix for a blast beat junkie. Trashy and Ryan spew their respective vocals constantly in a wash of chaotic roars. Issac does what Issac does, the most insane blasting you've ever heard. It's a total slaughter fest from the beginning, to the ending batch of noisecore songs. Sulfuric's mix of complete chaos and precise song structure is in a league of it's own, and this side is a great example of all their strengths. 

Suppression are the supreme lords of their craft right now, a fucked up and lo-fi noisecore/powerviolence/noise rock hybrid. I have no idea how they are able to write this many songs at such a rapid pace, but they do, and here we get 16 total bangers. Legitimate, composed songs with lyrics, each one distinguishable from the last. From full on noisecore, to riffy, fuming stompers. What other band can put pitch-shifted vocals over a twisted Minutemen/Lightning bolt style bass riff and a blast beat and have it be amazing? Another real stand-out is the track "Art in Death"; I adore how the drum rhythm matches up with the delayed and looped bass hits. Seeing how perfectly they pulled the track off live only cements their perfection. It also ends with a wonderful 2 second track, a wonderful final hit.

I love the cover art on this. A wonderful Pettibon style/"The Burning" mash-up. This tape was a joint release by Chaotic Noise Productions, Feel Good Grind, Blast Addict, and Grindfather for the overseas crowd. I suspect Jason from CNP/Suppression had the biggest part in assembling them, as the general layout and packaging is pretty familiar. I also love the groovy, textured boarder on the cassette itself. Little details like that help make releases stand out to me.

In closing, you should already know.

Organic Refuse

A couple weeks ago while I was on tour, my buddy Ben slipped me a copy of this here tape that he helped release on his label Craniophagus Parasiticus Records. Later on the trek, while we were all chilling in Chicago, this tape was put on in the background. Amongst the clatter, hilarious conversations, and heavy intoxication, the music on here went straight to my ears like a heat seeking missile and I was blown away. Now officially released (also by Septic Brain Tapes and Misanthropic Ignorance), here's the Cystgurgle/Vomitoma split tape.

This split is wet, brutal, hyper blasting gore to the limit! Everything I love about ridiculous goregrind is on this tape, it's all just so good! Cystgurgle, a drum/bass duo from Thailand, are up first for a crushing A-side. This was my first exposure to them and DAMN, this shit is boiling lava hot. This is that supremely fast, super tight, Inopexia/LDOH-style goregrind right here. The drummer is absolutely insane (yes, these are real drums), everything is just impossibly fast. This is one of those rare times where a professional recording actually made this sound a lot better than it would have otherwise. The kick drum and snare hits are pulverising! Same with the vocals and bass, there's obviously credit due there. The bass is a little whishy/washy sounding, I would have liked it a little more pronounced, but when Cystgurgle are blasting away I don't really have a complaint at all. I could listen to this every day!

Vomitoma should need no introduction to people who know gorenoise/grind. Now on it's 10th year, the Vomitoma project has no signs of slowing down, and apparently will only release recordings with real drums now! On this split, the drums were supplied by Adrian from Putrefuck, who does a pretty great/appropriately sloppy job. This whole side is just disgusting, as anyone would expect. Jen's toilet water vocals are some of the best in the game, it literally sounds like the noises melted, human viscera would make going down a rusty drain. WHile the impactful speed and viciousness of the Cystgurgle side isn't quite matched here, the dirty/medical atmosphere on Vomitoma's half is on another level. This is that kind of gorenoise you want to listen to when you want to watch sketchy internet dissection videos, just fabulous!

Everything about this tape was done 100% pro, and it completely looks and sounds that way! The dub is crispy, loud, and certifiably dank. I'm super happy for Ben for helping put out such a beauty!

Any of the labels I linked above should have this available. Don't skip on this, it's my favorite tape of the year so far!


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Deep In Your Guts

Gonna drop a post about another project from one of the worlds most beloved noisecore bby's, Colton Pickles (Facepalm Death/curator of the "Pieces" compilation). Privileged Male Scum (P.M.S.), is the newest sonic ear violation that Colton has decided to gift to the world. Deranged, perverted, depraved, brutal, these are but a few of the adjectives I can apply to this tapes description. Released by the man himself, I'm not sure how many copies were made.

This is a short and sweet little tape. Well, not very sweet at all actually. This project is strictly for fans of fucked up music, the kind that brings up things you maybe don't want to hear. Purposely taboo, extreme, and twisted. Everything about how this record sounds and what it's focused on is apparent in the imagery. Heavy amount of influence from the underground/more extreme pornographic publications and films. Super upsetting samples, I had to turn it down at one point to avoid freaking out my roommates.

Musically, "Deep In Your Guts" is typical short burst style noisecore. It's incredibly harsh and aggressive stuff tho, boarding more on just being quick bursts of harsh noise wall with vocals. There's also apparently 69 tracks (of course), which adds up to about 5 minutes of fucked up sounds. It's some pretty enjoyable stuff, I haven't dug into a band that's this porn-centric in a while, but I can get into this.

I'm always incredibly impressed by the attention to detail and the elaborate nature of Colton's tapes. This is no exception; from the custom sticker on the front of the cassette case, to the wonderful collage artwork, to the amazing full-cassette label (also custom made). I've never seen a cassette label like this, it's very attractive. Also the tape sounds loud and crisp, as is expected.

P.M.S. will have some tracks featured on the next Craniophagus Parasiticus Records C6 compilation, if you can get ahold of Colton ask him for a copy of this.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Smashing My Faith

I recently made a purchase that I never thought I would be able to make. It's a big one, I've been after this tape ever since I got into Seven Minutes of Nausea. The legendary split cassette with the Brazilian grindcore band Necrose. Released on Sem Nome Tapes in the mid 90's. They're all hand numbered, I'm not sure how limited this was.

This was one of the very first 7MON recordings that I got to hear, thanks to good ol' Youtube. It was pretty instantaneous love for me, it's everything I was looking for in fast music at that time. The drumming, the way the drums sounded and the no-fi fidelity of the whole thing was intoxicating. I still can't figure out how the drums are really being hit, to this day. It's like a Crass drum roll mixed with a blast beat. The way every song was just a sudden, sharply edited burst of noise with the gnarled vocals of Mick. This recording is a definite stand-out in their discography.It's up there with the true classics like "Thrashbora" and the Sound Pollution split. Just a constant, raw and crushing blast of short song brilliance. One of the last really, really, really great ones for a while.  I just really wish this came with lyrics. None of the 301 tracks have titles or lyrics, which is unusual for them. Regardless, it's a ripper, total perfection.

 Necrose was a fairly prolific grind band in the mid to late 90's. I'm honestly not very familiar with their material outside of this tape, but the 26 tracks on here (three of which are covers) are very nice and gross. Primitive, raw riffs and playing, but it's just so damn pure and earnest. There's a big Celtic Frost tinge to the riffing, definitely lots of good ol' metal influence here. The drummer is just slamming away as fast as he can, you can feel how hard the snare is getting hit. The vocals are totally putrid and gargled, the mic was cupped for sure!! This is the kind of raw grindcore that's easy to make, but hard to pull off in a captivating way. The urgency and punk as fuck attitude this band has make the songs a lot more powerful. I definitely find myself going towards the Seven Minutes of Nausea side, but that's not to say Necrose's side should be ignored. This is quality primitive grindcore!!!

Great layout on this, doubled sided with a very tasteful blue tint. Again, I just wish there was a 7MON lyric sheet.

If anyone one else has this release, I'd like to know what your cassettes look like. Both sides are dubbed quite well, I got to say.

Who knows when I'll ever be able to find another 7MON cassette split. This thing rules, having it makes my life a little more fulfilled.


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fortress of Solid 'Tude

Two American fastcore bands unleashed full lengths on to the world last year. Both of them have an output that I consider to be something special. One more modern (I'll get to them in April), and the other a band of veterans. The Almighty Hummingbird of Death gave us their 3rd full length LP, "Forbidden Techniques", released by To Live A Lie records in a run of 500 copies. 100 on this orange vinyl color.

The 'Bird was actually the first band I've ever made a conscious effort to collect all their records. I fell off over the past couple years since my online buying days are past me, but getting this record was essential. HoD are always a band that push themselves and seems to strive to make every record they do stand apart from each other. Every one maintaining the signature style and grace of the band: from the 5" EP classic, "Goatmeal", to the 13+ minute long track on the Downsided split. "Forbidden Techniques" is the band at their peak right now, they've made what I consider to be their best record so far.

Everything about this record is just the best; it's the best recording the band has ever had. The drums sound full and punchy, same with the guitar and bass tones. The performances, the compositions, pshtt forgetaboutit. Not a dud in the whole line-up here, everything sounds so inspired and finely tuned. But not in a proggy, annoying way, they've just crafted amazing songs. Tons of fun little moments, like the solid decreasing tempo on the outro to the first song, "Fresh Hell". Which goes immediately into one of the most hard hitting tracks on the album, "Thicken". I can't not help but trash a few fists in the air every time that song kicks in. Or the fantastic gang shouts on "Fuck An Apology", one of my favorite tracks on the album and surely a future anthem for the band.

Always a band to have topical lyrics, "Forbidden Techniques" is not without it's fair share of social commentary. From our obsession with technology, the current political climate, to social media, the 'Bird have a lot on their minds. But still keeping a general fun attitude, more like poking and prodding instead of just preaching.

And the ARTWORK! Man, this is some of the coolest artwork I've seen on a grindy/fastcore album in a while. I love everything about this, the colors, the detail, it's glorious. Huge shout out to Lucan Korte for this masterpiece.

This release is still available, you absolutely need this in your life. Now a surprise kitty photobomb!


Lets Start A War

2017 was a bogusly shit year, but at least it managed to squeeze out a brand new Lace cassette! The One and Only Lace, the one true Lace, fuck what you heard about the rest. Lace is a beloved project to me, I tend to fawn over everything the duo does. This c22 tape, "Reclamation", was released on the new Persona Press label in a run of 60 copies. 

Lace have kept it pretty quite since their excellent 2015 cassette release, "Facade". Both members of the project have been keeping active with other projects (Weston has had an incredible run of Sunken Cheek releases, Valentine still crushes my soul with the V. Sinclair output). But alas, the time has come for the One and Only Lace (or Lace (20) if you're looking on Discogs), to rise up again. The time for reclamation is nigh. Over both sides of this sturdy, little, black shelled cassette, the duo twist and derange the output of those foolish enough to use the name Lace. Smashing it into an unrecognizable state, totally changed, and made their own.  

I was told that this session was a pretty cathartic one; going for more of a free and aggressive approach. It is a bit of a different sounding release, but mainly just with how the duo performs and presents themselves. There's a curious amount of swagger, that I pick up on anyway. Especially on the A-side track, "Let's Start A War". Valentine screaming wildly over rumbling low end crunching and a very anxious and steady dull rhythm hit. Towards the end the vocals go really off the deep end, y'all like some Whitehouse falsetto's? However the quality of Lace's plodding soundscapes, and the completely chilling and sorrowful atmosphere is very much here. The chemistry of this duo is just incredible, sound and style both executed perfectly. Both members are obviously totally on the same wave length. 

This is an excellent first release for the Persona Press label. Once again winning me over with a tidy, and consistent aesthetic and layout. The tape sounds great too, thankfully. 

Hail the one true Lace! Hopefully it won't take 3 years for another release, but if it does I'll accept the wait. 


Friday, March 16, 2018


Finally, finally, FINALLY I got my hands on a Dead Gods release. A little brick and mortar/cassette label based out of Brooklyn, NY, owned and operated by Justin Lakes (Shredded Nerve, Pusdrainer) and Matt Boettke (Scant). The newest tape from the excellent Breaking The Will, a long-going solo harsh noise/cut-up project from Stefan Aune (who also runs the excellent New Forces label). Most likely done in a run of 100.

Stefan's a buddy of mine, and now a resident of my home town. So personal bias not-withstanding, I'm a big admirer of Breaking The Will and Stefan knows how to make legit, brutal noise, straight up. Nothing but pure adoration for extreme volume, harsh feedback, and ridiculous tape manipulation. "Affinities" is yet another excellent 20 minute testament to all these traits; starting and ending 100% brutal. Mammoth waves of crushing distortion, rapid fire modulations and some of the most disgusting and disorienting sudden stops in the game. I haven't really gotten the background concept for this particular release; seems to be about war and violence and all that good stuff. So without getting to heady about this, a harsh noise tape, it's just thoroughly excellent and enjoyable. Everything is also recorded really well, you can tell that every tone is dialed in to sound exactly how it should. I love it, good work there.

As I expected, the quality of this release is outstanding. Amazingly loud dub, super crispy, and a lay-out and aesthetic to match. I also love the Dead Gods spine that adorns all of their releases. It's both cool, and an annoying thing for me; because I can't have just one of these spines in my shelf, I gotta get 'em all! It's the same thing with Smash Music spines, the consistency is just what my OCD needs to get sucked in.

As far as I know this isn't sold out, but at the time of writing this the Dead God's Big Cartel is temporarily down.